About Us

The Phrase 'Megawatt Mosaic'

The phrase “Megawatt Mosaic” entered use due to the common realisation that increasingly, as we move towards “net zero”, environmental power generation technologies need to work together, in harmony, to provide energy to the grid exactly when it is needed by off-takers, with as little as possible dissipation/wastage from grid losses such as sound and heat.

Megawatt Mosaic Ltd has been formed to supercharge BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems) and Solar deployment throughout Southern Europe. MW Mosaic is an environmental research consultancy and developer which is involved in the identification, research and completion of initial studies on suitable locations for battery storage and solar sites across Southern Europe.

  • Early Stage Research
  • Grid Study
  • Archaeological Study
  • Environmental Study

Identified Pipeline

  • Identify target areas for development, being the North where there is overconsumption, the south where there is overproduction and the islands which suffer from a structural imbalance of power.
  • Locate substations in the target areas with a high voltage transmission line and sufficient capacity to support a battery storage asset with duration up to 4hrs.
  • Identify substations that have the potential and believed requirement for 25MW to 50MW battery installation within a 1KM radius.
  • Complete archaeological, environmental and geological and grid studies.
  • Present findings to suitable clients and negotiate development contracts and milestone success fees.